Barrow Engineering has precision CNC machines offering a wide variety and scale.

We can manufacture production runs of many sizes, including machining of flame paths after welding.

  • CNC 9 axis machining (turning & milling)
  • CNC 4 axis milling (milling with rotating axis)

Barrow Engineering specialises in CNC machining of precision components and we can assist you with every aspect of your project from design to manufacturing.

Using the latest technology in machinery and software, we are able to produce quality products at a competitive price within a short lead time. We can machine complex products straight from your electronic model, or alternatively, we can create these models for you and feed this information into any one of CNC machines.


We also offer CAD drawings and reverse engineering.

We use NX Space Cam 3D Modelling Software which supports all stages of product development from conceptualisation (CAID), to design (CAD), to analysis (CAE), to manufacturing (CAM).

Using this technology we can turn your sketches into 3D CAD models or alternatively, we are able to reverse engineer a component into a 3D CAD model ready for production. Utilising today’s technology means that most products can be finished in one operation, which allows us not only to simply turn material, but mill a hexagon, pocket, shape or even an angled hole. Or you may require an multi-start acme thread.

Whatever it may be, we have the equipment and know-how to give it to you!


We can rejuvenate rusted and old painted parts, engine blocks and gear housings, as well as utilising glass beads for satin finishes on stainless steel.


The Barrow Engineering Welding Division can supply mig, tig and stick welding in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and copper.

Our welding capacities have expanded considerably, due to increased customer demand for the manufacture and machining of components complete. In achieving this we successfully supply our customers with value added products of the highest quality they have come to expect from Barrow Engineering.

The Barrow Engineering Welding Division can supply mig, tig, and stick welding in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and copper. Pressure welding and testing is also available from our qualified ticketed Welding Team. Our welders are certified in accordance with Australian Standards AS1796 and hold Certificate 4 and Certificate 7 Welding.

Barrow have been providing metal fabrication services for the past 60 years and we specialise in designing and producing precision equipment. We have loyal customers in the mining OH&S and medical sectors where precision engineering is absolutely paramount. Many of our Sydney and NSW customers have been with us for many years. Our skilled and professional welding staff take pride in delivering a first class product made with first class materials.

Our factory is located in Mortdale close to Peakhurst. We are accessible to all areas of Sydney.


11/63 Norman Street
Peakhurst NSW 2210


E |
T | 02 9153 0133

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