Over 65 years
of quality engineering.

The engineering industry is changing rapidly. 

At Barrow Engineering we’re developing and investing in leading technology and innovations to reshape the future of the engineering industry to cut out layers and duplication, simplify processes and harness real time information to make better decisions. 

We’re also investing in our production chain acquiring and establishing new software, to streamline systems and projects. The end result is building faster, smarter, safer with more certainty and efficiency for our clients. 

Providing Certainty

Our focus on quality offers scale and certainty for clients. Proudly Australian owned, we have grown to be a national, diversified contractor with Australia-wide service provision. We’ve built our reputation on being a leading client-focused partner, with extensive, specialised experience.

We have a proven history of sustainable client partnerships, based on long-term planning and continual reinvestment in our business partnerships. We strive to provide certainty on execution and delivery, offering greater peace of mind for our clients.

Our trusted reputation has been earned over 65 years of consistent delivery across diversified sectors and has resulted in a high rate of repeat clients. We are proud of our track record of proven and timely project execution and strong business relationships.


11/63 Norman Street
Peakhurst NSW 2210


E | sales@barrow.net.au
T | 02 9153 0133

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