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Flame Path Machining

CNC Machining: What is Flame Path Machining?

Flame path machining is the process of creating an exceptionally fine, machine-finished surface on critical faces, which contains the transfer of flame sparks. This works to prevent explosions or other damaging events in instances where the atmosphere is volatile. 


The primary industries that we see the usage of flame paths are underground industries, particularly those that require vehicles or machinery in an area where sparks pose a threat to safety. Examples of this can include longwall drilling, underground diesel engine components, battery housings and electrical line housings, among vehicles in underground drilling and mining and underground.


The primary application of those components is that in the case of a machine malfunction creating an explosion or flame underground, the flame path will extinguish, or “suffocate” the flame within its housing and stop the flame from entering underground atmosphere, creating a larger underground fire or explosion.


Flame path machining offers safety assurance for those working with underground machinery and seeks to provide the optimal health and safety conditions for personnel. 


Following the execution of design, and material sign off by our team, our production process is tightly controlled as per our documentation and quality control requirements. The capacity of our in-house manufacturing is supported by our CNC machining capabilities, as well as CMM, grinders and lathes. Our team individually checks each piece that leaves Barrow Engineering to ensure quality and the nominated specifications.  


Our commitment to quality and excellence in engineering remains as important to us as when the business was founded in 1953 by Edward James Smith and his staff of three. Now covering more than 1200m2 of factory floor space, containing our comprehensive welding and manufacturing equipment, the processes are attended to by a team of 24, who supply businesses locally and internationally across mining, rail and heavy industries. 


Barrow Engineering has been in operation since 1953, and we have extensive knowledge of all areas of machining and engineering. Our successful model of more than seven decades means that we have consistently evolved, in line with innovation and the latest in engineering technology. 

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